Top 16 Game of Thrones Conquest cheats, tips and hack

game of thrones conquest cheats

Game of Thrones Conquest is an excellent MMORPG that has the complete essence of the original series. The game is more reliable and fun when you know the basic got conquest hack. Go through these tips and follow the guides provided below. No one can stop you from becoming the lordship of all the seven kingdoms.

  • Try to ensure you create a strong army and a combo of all type. Remember that Calvary troops are more offensive-based and Infantry troops are good at defending. The Ranged troops are stronger at standing back while they battle their enemies. It’s a super useful strategy to update your rarer armies.
  • Access resource containers only when you need them. Otherwise, keep them protected in your inventory. Raiding the Keeps of another player will support the loot and fill in your inventory. It is essential to play the game every day as you will receive the daily rewards by doing so.
  • You must not tie your account with the game before you play with your mates on the kingdom. This way, you will be able to use your friend codes.
  • Scouting produces a report depending on the time the scout landed at their objective. If your opponent finds out they’ve been scouted, they can call their allies for help.
  • Several quests are awarding bricks after you finish. There’s also a significant source of brick in participating in special events.

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  • The main questline is an excellent guide to start the game and collect the rewards that will be immediately required. Achieving these missions will help progressively enhance the effectiveness of your troops and give you a sustainable amount of natural resources for the advancement of your kingdom.
  • Accomplishing a set number of quests also means you’re going to grab an extra chest full of stuff as well.
  • Power shield is an excellent reward that can help you to concentrate on your kingdom without being attacked by an enemy.
  • Traps can be made in the trap maker and create a valid defence. Scalding Oil is a trap in effect against the Infantry. Similarly, Bolts and wood spikes are good traps for Archers and Cavalry, respectively.
  • Healing troops requires investment, but it is cheaper than training troops in the beginning. Remember that your Medical Tents capacity can be upgraded by building and installing more Medical Tents.
  • All your troops must be accommodated in a Medic Tent after returning from marching; otherwise, they will die.
  • In different ways, masters can improve your productivity and strength. So, you should delve into research as often you can.
  • You must always send your troops to collect resource or build a new structure at all times.
  • Transform the ancient buildings and prepare your troops with enhanced researches as and when it is possible.
  • Focus on improving Sawmills and Farms.
  • Don’t use your gold for anything to accelerate the production process.
  • Start the building upgradation when you intend to take a break. You will receive progress when you are away from the game.

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