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Fortnite is a multi-player RPG simulation based game. This is an amazing game that you should be playing in order to get out of your boredom. The game was first published for Play stations and Xbox. Developers have added this game to Androids and iOS platforms. There are many games available at the gaming store, but this game is totally different from others. To play this game, you have to be playing hard in order to win this game.

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Well, if you’re a beginner then it is obvious that you would have been looking for some hacks and tips. There are many fortnite free v bucks generator in the web. You shouldn’t be looking for them as fortnite is an internet-based game where these hacks never work. Here we’ve come up with few tips and tricks to help you earn free v bucks no verification in fortnite.

  1. Drop far from the crowded area

Don’t forget that this is a survival game; you’ve to survive till the end. It doesn’t matter actually that how much kills you made. In the end the only thing that matter the most is your survival. There are many tricks for you to survive easily in this game and you can follow them in order to be best player. The first and foremost tip is to glide your player far away from the base and it will help you to survive much longer.

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When you jump out of the plane, then you can glide away from by the help of your parachute. All you need to do is to glide your glider by moving your glider a little upwards. You will be landed on the corner of the island, and it will give you much time to observe the game on your own. Just try to keep an eye on these things, and it will make you survive in the long run. This tip is actually for beginners, and in order to be the best player, you’ve to be following these to win Fortnite easily.

  1. Connecting Friends

Well, this game has 3 modes to play from, and this is really something cool. These modes include Solo, where you’re alone. Dou is where you’re going to team up with one other player. And the Squad where you’ve to be playing with three other members forming a team of 4. You can connect your friends, and you will never get bored of playing this game alone.

Make a squad or duo with your friends by connecting your account with Facebook, and it can give you many advantages. Your progress will also be saved in this game, and you should be playing this with your friends. You can even make new friends in this game by adding them in-game while playing randomly with them and who knows you turn out to be one of the best partners in crime.

  1. Where to Land

So now that you’re in the plane with other 99 players then keep the first trick mentioned-above aside and playing this game like pro needs some courage and you should be ready to face such obstacles. When you’re in a plane, then you can see a large map on your right side, and this map will let you zoom in and drop pin which will help you navigate your location from the pin while jumping from the plane.

Try to drop the pin near the building and somewhere near your teammate as this will help you collect different things and equipment from different places. This will level up your game and help you to kill your enemies easily. Buildings can be a great help when it comes to collecting weapons as these building full of them. We have also found a new source to get free v bucks in fortnite check them out now.

Secondly, if you’re close to a building while in the air then you should try to land on the rooftop of these buildings. Rooftops contain treasuries and if you’re lucky enough then you are going to get free currencies for free. This can be found by listening to the clinging sound of the coins and breaking tiles will let you earn it.

Bottom Line

Here mentioned-above tips can turn out to be very helpful when used properly.

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