Exciting Ways to Earn Gems and Coins in Golf Clash Game!

how to earn free gems and coins in golf clash

Are you looking for some exciting free ways to earn Golf Clash currencies? If yes, then all readers must pay attention to forthcoming content more.

Here we are going to discuss some tested and useful ways to earn more gems and coins in Golf Clash game. Well before jumping to tips let’s have a quick review of currencies even of play.

Golf Clash is a new multiplayer also real-time golf game introduced by Playdemic. Gamers can play the game on both iOS and Android devices for free.

In the game, players are able to challenge other online gamers to have a golf match. Winner of every match will reward by in-game currencies, prizes and bonuses.

Well, it is a real-time fun game in which users are able to reduce all mental stress as well as exploring endless entertainment.


Coins are the main currency of the game which users need to collect in a more massive amount. Different ways are available to earn coins in golf clash, but players need to put some extra efforts.

Coins can be used to pay a tournament entry fee, unlocking matches, and for necessary items.


Gems are the premium currency of the game from which superior items can be purchased besides premium tasks can be performed.

As we mention gems is a premium currency of Golf Clash; players need to spend more time to earn it.

Players need this currency in the right amount to play the game smoothly without facing significant issues.

Below we have mentioned some real and workable golf clash cheats that are also legit to use in the game to get free currency legally.

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Ways to earn free coins and gems-

1.      Special events

Special events are organized for players in which they are rewarded with unique prizes, in-game currency at every win time.

Players need to complete all small event tasks, missions for earning more coins and gems.

2.      Watching ads

Either watching ads is annoying for newbie’s, but they need to be used more. Watching free ads offers a specific amount of currency to users.

Also, they can see those ads when they don’t have more events or leagues to complete or in free time.

3.      Connect with Facebook

Like all other unique games, players need to connect Golf Clash account with Facebook. It offers a limited amount of coins and gems to users with which they can participate in different tournaments. Connecting the game with Facebook is completely free for users to earn them.

4.      Leagues

Leagues play a vital or central role in the game, which offers more kinds of rewards to gamers. They need to spend more time on leagues for collecting enough amount of currency.

Some leagues are exciting to play enough where players can explore endless fun in addition to obtain all currencies.

5.      Play often

Playing the game more than four times a day permits players to complete all quests, missions and tournaments.

They can learn how to complete the tasks quickly, like no one another can by playing often. So if you really have enough realtime or free time to challenge other online players then go for it.

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