Episode Choose Your Story : Best Simulation Game

episode choose your story

There are many people can be seen, who are interested in playing the online simulation game. if you are also one of them, then pick the option of Episode Choose Your Story. This is the best simulation game, which is playing by several people around the world.

In this, you are only required to make the selection of one story from the several options. The whole game is basically fun loving and interesting. Now I am going to describe some important aspects in the further article.

Description Of a Few Stories

The stories are considered the crucial part, and there are many options present. The players are allowed to select the one story in which they are more interested. Some of the stories are described in the further article –

Started with a lie – in this, the little lie leads to the massive murder investigation along with romance of a lifetime.

Bad boy’s girl – there are main three characters, who are Cole Stone, Jay Stone, and Tessa’s. In this, everything changed when Cole Stone comes back.

I married to Prince – the player is basically forced to marry with Prince because of the ancient family contract. However, in the end, the player falls in love.

About Currency

If we talk about the most critical part, then the currency is the only option, which comes to mind. Each and every player is required to collect the funds, which are necessary for exploring the game in a proper way. In fact, this is also the best ever method for getting the desired progress in the game. If you are struggling with in-game currencies such as diamonds or keys then don’t forget to try episode cheats which can get you unlimited free diamonds and keys easily.

So, if you are playing the game, then it is advised to focus on the different method, which can prove helpful in grabbing the currency. Passes are the primary currency, and the gems are premium currency. Both play an important role, and the players should collect enough amount. However, it is not an easy task, so be patient and play as much as possible. This is the best method to collect the desired amount of currency.

Use of Funds

If you want to get the progress then unlocking the different kinds of stories is necessary. However, the players are required to have a high amount of currency for getting new content or unlocking the stories. On the other hand, if we talk about the players, which are unable to collect the required amount of currency, then they can’t enjoy the new stuff in the game. This is basically the main use of the funds by the players.

In addition to this, the funds are also helpful in getting the in-game items. Well, there are several items present, which can be used for the appearance of the character. In fact, these items are also used for adding some impressive elements. Not only this, but the players also can use such items for the creation of stories. So, if you want to unlock then achievement then let me tell you that it requires a lot of time and proper episode hack. Put a lot of efforts and play the game with the improved performance.

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