A complete review of Covet Fashion

covet fashion review

Are you looking for great fun and enjoyment? If yes then you can go with mobile gaming.  It is a great way of spending spare time. Today one of the top viral fashion games is Covet Fashion, and much time when I am feeling bored, then I play such a game.  In which we will see many new things, and it is based on a new concept of fashion. The craziness about fashion is increasing, and most of us are careful about our looks.

I am always looking for new fashions, and the game is beneficial for me because it gives me a virtual platform for shopping.

In which one avatar model is playing many things on behalf of you, and we will face many challenges and tasks. Now we are sharing some vital covet fashion hack and cheats of the game and such will be helpful for you.

Start with free money

When you start the game, you will get some amount of free money. Such money is valuable for you, and by spending it, you will get new outfits. My advice for new payer that you should not waste the money for adding useless things in your store because only get once a time.

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Follow the challenge theme

The gameplay is easy for everyone and in which the payers are facing lots of challenges. Theme challenges are remarkable and give a realistic feeling. You can easily choose them by going in the active challenges tap.  When you win the challenge, then you will get lots of prizes and rewards.

Focus on currency

Three important currencies are used in the Covet Fashion, and you have to collect all of them. Such currency is valuable at every point of the game, and you can easily get a high ranking by investing some amount.

Furthermore, read the full game guide on currency from https://tgcsouthwind.com/covet-fashion-cheats-hack/

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