4 Ultimate Tricks To Know About Toon Blast Game!


Lots of puzzle games are out there, but you ever tried cartoon puzzle games? If no, then you should must try Toon Blast Game which is filled with lots of cartoons to solve the puzzles. A player needs to achieve more and more levels in order to allow the animations for traveling in magical worlds. It provides lots of enjoyment to its users also helps them to reduce all mental stress.

One can easily play the game on iOS and Android devices. Lots of challenging levels are filled in the game which permits all the users to unlock unlimited fun besides enhance real-life skills. If you need to become a pro player in the game and if you need to enjoy more, then it is essential to pay attention to useful tips.

Here we mentioned some useful tips which help you a lot.

  • Use special combos

Yes, in each level you’ll find some unique combos which permit to destroy more cubes as possible. It helps the users to pass the level quickly as no one another can. If you are a newbie, then you’ll find the combos at the bottom of the screen. With the help of beginning combos’ newbies can easily learn how to play the game and what are the special features. When one pass various levels, it becomes hard to find the combos. Also, one can purchase unique big combos with the help of game currency.

In simple words, one can easily pass more levels by using unique combos accurately.

  • Use the boosters correctly

Boosters can be used to destroy a large number of cubes without wasting more efforts. In each level, you’ll find some unique puzzles which permit to terminate a line of cubes. There are some boosters added in the game to pass tough situations. It is recommended for every user to use the boosters in severe conditions without using it on easy puzzles.

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  • Earn more currency

Try to earn in sufficient amount as much as possible. Currency plays a vital role in every game to run and to purchase various items. If you need to play the game smoothly or run the game, there is a need to collect more currency. Yes, it’s hard to manage the currency but don’t worry as when one passes each level, he/she can earn it more. Also trying special tricks to destroy the cubes allows a user to receive the bonus/rewards.

Mainly there is one kind of currency used in Toon Blast Game, i.e., coins. Coins play a special role in the game from which you can buy various items. Also, it permits all the users to become a pro player without getting stressed or tensed. You can also checkout out some more detailed information about toon blast hack and tricks to be a pro player.

  • Game tutorial

Don’t forget to learn game tutorial as it is the single way to learn the game functions, features, and systems. If one tries to skip the tutorial, it takes time to understand every purpose. So, it is essential for every user to learn game tutorial correctly.

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