4 Advanced Tips And Tricks Of Empire & Puzzles Game- Become Greatest Player!


Empire & Puzzles is a kind of Match-3 RPG puzzle game where you can enjoy puzzles, battle, and creating kingdom tasks. It is developed with 3D graphics for giving real fight look0 to players. It means one can enjoy every moment of the game besides can explore unlimited fun. You can easily play the game on Android and iOS devices for free. Several challenges, quests, missions, raids are added in competition to provide more fun. No chance that a player gets bored by playing the game, on the other hand, one can enhance their mental skills.

A user needs to select a hero which perform every task in the game, so try to choose the stronger one. Knowing about advanced empires and puzzles cheats, tips, tricks may help you to become the greatest player in addition to enjoying every moment.

  • Build your city for more gains

One needs to develop their kingdom as quick as possible for earning more gains. Whereas Empire & Puzzles more depends upon food, so a gamer needs to collect it in sufficient amount. With that, they can enhance the power of items like no one another can. Not only food helps to upgrade buildings, but also it helps to make the troops mighty.

  • Watchtower

It is recommended for each user to fix the watchtower as soon as possible. With the help of it, one can fight with other gamers online. In other words, to play with other players, you need to build a strong watchtower. Try to upgrade it in the early stages because when the level increases, this task also becomes more laborious.

  • Battle items

A gamer can take four battle items with him/her in the fight story. Try to collect powerful items which increases the chances of winning. From selecting mighty battle items, you can defeat various creatures quickly without getting stressed or losing your city. when the levels increase up a gamer will get rare battle items to pick on.

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  • Earn more currency

Obtaining currency in sufficient amount permits you to play the game smoothly without facing more issues. Yes, two types of game currencies are used to perform the tasks, namely gems and irons. Gems are considered as the primary currency of the game from which many items can be upgraded. It helps a user to enhance cards, army, skills, abilities, and in last performance of each item. Don’t try to waste the gems at unwanted tasks because it is hard to earn it. One needs to complete different kinds of quests, missions to collect gems.

On the other hand, if we talk about irons, it is considered as the premium currency of the game. It permits you to buy premium items, weapons, unlock the activities, making unique combos, food. To earn this currency, you should need to obtain daily reward wisely besides needs to complete orders.

So, we can say that it is essential for each gamer to collect these currencies in sufficient amount, which helps to become the greatest one. Also, one should go for raids to receive a different kind of rewards.

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